Frederic K. Herring Creative Direction & Design

Frederic K. Herring provides Consulting, Branding, Corporate Design, Logodesign, Graphic Design, Print, Illustration, Responsive Webdesign Concepts, Screendesign, Frontend Coding, Websitedevelopment with Typo3 or Static HTML with CSS3 for Smartphones and Tablets.

Our working expertise spans from 1999 until today.

We have worked on projects for Novartis, Roche, Stiftung Warentest, Epson, Bilstein and on hundreds of others over these years.

Our work ethic: to provide the most simplistic and yet bombastic solution for any given project – according to guidelines, or carte blanche.


  • Certificate for Design Excellence at the 'European Design Annual 5': Branding, 1998
  • Stiftung Warentest Webportal: Branding, Concept, Webdesign, 2001
  • Anne Frank – A History For Today Exhibition: Branding, Design, Webdesign, Printwork, 2006
  • Novartis: Board of Directors (BoD) Website, Campus Infopages, IT-Department Branding and C.D., BoD iPad App, 2006-2010
  • Loomion Twelve Board of Directors App: Branding, Appdesign, Webdesign, 2011-2014
  • Roche IT-Department: Branding, Webdesign, 2014


The brand, the logo, the mark.
It all starts with your personal signature, which will showcase you and your project.

Anne Frank - A History For Today Lichtbund Karlsruhe
Anne Frank - A History For Today Exhibition | 2006
Lichtbund Karlsruhe | Certificate for Design Excellence at the 'European Design Annual 5' | 1998
Agency: FKH


Developing a structure and hierarchy for your project, and artdirecting it to the brim, to give it a bold look-and-feel.

Novartis International IT Roche Data Quality Management
Novartis IT-Department | 2006-2010
Roche Data Quality Management | 2014
Agency: cmxs


Simplistic and structural perfect websites to inform your potential clients about you and your work.

Roche EEMEA Sharepoint Design IWTI - Ein Unternehmen fuer Wirtschaftliche & Technische Dienstleistungen im Bauwesen | Stuttgart
Roche EEMEA | 2014
IWTI | 2014
Agency: cmxs


To deliver awesome and lasting impressions.

Mood Lounge
Mood Lounge Music Club | 2002
Agency: FKH

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