Novartis International IT IT-Department
Roche DQM IT-Department
Floordirekt Retail
Stiftung Warentest Online Product Tester
Lichtbund Karlsruhe Sports Club
CHGPS Holocaust Studies, Reno USA
Anne Frank - A History For Today Exhibition, Reno USA
Loomion Twelve Board Of Directors App
Viscom Interactive Retail
Outletstores Direct Retail
Jörg Höflich Doctor
Andreas Dacho Rhinoplastic Surgeon
Matthias Frank Doctor
Novartis Corporate Design IT-Department
Severin*s Sylt Hotel Advertisement, Sales Material
VTL Corporate Design
Gandolfo Photography Business Cards
Gesche Junge Corporate Design
Apendo Corporate Design
My Way Corporate Design
Kickstarter Flyer
Mood Lounge Illustration
Design Germany Illustration
Corporate Design Illustration Print
Dr. Ries Dentists
Mobility Center Lampertheim Traffic Management
IWTI Construction Planning and Advice
VTL Traffic Management
Rösler Weissenfeld Tax Advisor
m2c Design Agency
Narconet Anesthesiologists
Aporisk Insurance
Drs. Stein + Stein Dentists
Dr. Wilhelmy Orthodontist
Dr. Berghof Dentist
Performance AG Financial Advisor

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